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David Gillott

I decided I wanted to be a chef when I was 13 and after completing my apprenticeship at One Lombard Street in London I worked at lots of different restaurants and hotels throughout London. I moved to France and worked in Courcheval in the Alps, then it was time to open my own business.

For me food is all about feel, I love the way we take a box of beautiful produce and turn it into something truly delicious. I always wanted to open a cookery school we are all so passionate about food and get really excited when we open the door each morning of a course, it never feels like work we get to chat food all day along with cooking and eating – perfect!


Adam Blanchard

Cooking was in my blood! I started life at my dad’s side in his kitchen, having a dad as a chef was brilliant I got the opportunity to grow up in the environment I love. Home was originally down on the south coast so I am a huge fan of fish and love cooking it (our fish course is my favourite course, not sure I should say that I have a favourite however!)

I spent 10 years at Claridges and learnt an unbelievable amount about all things food, it gave me a great grounding and loads of ideas – many of which we have incorporated into the courses.

Kieran Farquhar

I knew that I was going to be a chef from the moment I started cooking at home when I was young. For me the biggest kick I get out of cooking is taking a box of beautiful ingredients in the morning and then turning them into something that is truly delicious and presented perfectly!

Having learn the ropes at catering college it was then time to get some restaurant experience and I worked at lots of different restaurants in London and on the South Coast. I know I shouldn’t have favourites but I am a bit fan of our Tapas course – so simple, so easy and so tasty. If you are a fan of that style of eating I know you will love the Tapas course!


Tina Cooper

Right, im just going to get this out the way quickly before David or Adam tell you. I am not a chef and not the best cook but I am slowly learning by attending the odd course here and there. This is what David often says “If we can teach Tina to cook we can teach anyone” (if Adam wasn’t sure about saying he had a favourite course I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have said that!!!)

If you give us a call or send us an email it will be me who you chat to, my role at the cookery school is chief organiser and oh did I mention chief food tester?